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Loving Scotland: Loving Scotland – Chapters 19 – 25

Yes, you read the title of the post correctly. Finally, after so long, I’ve finished Loving Scotland! Enjoy the rest of the story (and it’s even edited)! For anyone who wants the full ebook in its entirety the book will be on sale tomorrow at all my usual retailers! Chapter 19 Fin dug into his […]

Loving Scotland: Loving Scotland – Chapter 18

My jaw hit the trampled grass. “Why not?” “Because the captain doesn’t sail this late and there’s no one else willing to take us over, either,” Finn told me. “So we’re stuck here with no extra clothes and no where to sleep?” I asked him. “Of course you’ve a place to sleep!” Craig shouted as […]

Loving Scotland: Loving Scotland – Chapter 17

Author’s Note: I’ve not only added a new chapter, but I’ve updated and increased the length of Chapter 16, so feel free to check that out! I whipped my head to him with my mouth agape. “We were invited to a wedding?” Fin’s eyes twinkled with mischief. “Didn’t I tell you?” “My Laird!” The shout […]

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Mac Flynn