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Loving Scotland

The untamed Inner Hebrides of Scotland are home to flora, fauna, and a little romantic fun in this romp over the Gaelic islands.

Elizabeth is shanghaied on her own vacation as her boss forces her into relaxation after tense business leaves her nerves frayed. She reluctantly agrees to his plan to go to Scotland where an old acquaintance of his will meet her at the station. His friend is as reliable as her boss is sensitive, and she ends up falling in with a handsome stranger who offers her a vacation on one of the islands.

It's an offer she can't refuse, stranded as she is in unfamiliar territory, and so she finds herself on a mysterious island with the handsome and teasing Fin. Sparks fly as he leads her into adventure, and a little romance, and they discover not only the island, but each other.

Completed: Yes
Word Count: 46177

Table of Contents

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Mac Flynn
Mac Flynn