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Sexy Dragon Time!

Hello, my Readers, and welcome to another exciting adventure! I have just published the second book in the Dragon Sin series, Vanity Affair, and I very much hope you like it! Feel free to leave a review or rate the book at any of the retailers to let me know what you think about it!

There’s also a big favor I’d like to ask of you, if you have the time. Please feel free to review the first book in the series, Perchance to Dream, at its Amazon page. You don’t even need to leave a review anymore! I’d be grateful for your feedback. It helps me to know how many books to write for my series so you guys keep entertained!

Happy reading, and thanks for all the support!

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Check out the book’s summary at its page on my website.

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One thought on “Sexy Dragon Time!”

  • I never leave reviews but I did for this series. I honestly love ALL your books and they got me through a lot of 2020. I wondered why you stopped writing but I guess I completely understand now. I hope you’re doing well and I’m really excited to continue reading your series. I want them all. Like I’m tempted to actually try to find the copies in hardcover if possible instead of always reading on my iPad. You’re amazing.

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