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New Ongoing Romance Story

Hey all! I have a special surprise just in time for the merry holiday season, a new book! This one will be a little different than previous publications. I’m going to publish it chapter by chapter on my Wattpad page so you guys can have something to chew on between other publications!

The book is called Death Cursed, and it’s an urban fantasy romance with a twist: the heroine’s dead! You can find a link to the story on the New & Upcoming page on my website, or just go directly here to its Wattpad page.

Here’s a summary:

Death comes for everyone. For Nena, Death comes for her, but doesn’t collect. She’s instead picked up by a mysterious group led by a man named Scratch, and they won’t let her go now that she’s Death Touched. Her only solace is the hope that she can escape them before she finds herself too deep in their supernatural world.

As always, thank you for reading!
– Mac

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Mac Flynn
Mac Flynn