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New Hook, New Look, and New Book

Mac’s Corner

Hi, everyone! Since my last entry was only a week ago I’ve decided to spruce this one up a bit. This little corner is mine, but for you guys. It’s where I’ll tell you all my dirty little secrets (and a few clean ones) so you can keep up-to-date on where I’m going with my current and future series (because who doesn’t like to know the future?). I won’t always post the Corner on these updates, but that’ll make them extra sweet when they do come out.

My latest secret is a brand new website look with some new content just for you. I’ve made a Release Schedule page where you can check out when the next installment of your favorite series will be out (though some dates are tentative because-well, life).

If you haven’t checked it out already, I also have a downloadable Printable Book List which has a complete list of current (and future) series arranged by their genre.t=”_blank”>Release Schedule to compensate for the fact that I haven’t been writing much

As a perennial reminder, I have an ARC signup group where anyone can join. To explain an ARC, you get my books for free shortly before they’re made available everywhere else and in return you write an honest review of the book on Amazon.

Latest Book

In case you missed it, the first book in my newest series, Death Touched, is now available to buy! Grab your book while it’s hot off the presses:

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