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Traitors Among Dragons: Maiden to the Dragon #4

Miriam and Xander’s halcyon days of rest along the shores of Beriadan Lake in Alexandria come to a quick end when the pleas of another dragon lord lead them to the blackened Heavy Mountains. Lord Herod demands their attentions on a pressing matter, and what they find is a pot of trouble boiling over with ancient blood feuds, uneasy alliances, and old stories of treacherous Maidens.

Trouble comes along the winds of a storm, and Miriam finds herself in the middle of it. Now she must prove her innocence against a hefty charge, or face the fatal consequences. The trail leads them to the Coven Caves where witches cast more than their shadows on the walls. One life-attempt after another shows they’re on the right trail, but only if they can stay one step ahead of their mysterious foes. Otherwise, the mountains will be their final adventure.

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Mac Flynn
Mac Flynn