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Dragon Mother Book 2 Release!

The second book in my latest dragon shifter series, Dragon Mother, is now available! Click on any of the links below to purchase Seduced By the Dragon King at all my usual retailers!

Thank you all for your support, and happy reading!

SEDUCED BY THE DRAGON KING (Dragon Mother #2) is Live!

Shadows lurk in the darkness of the bright kingdom, and the ill winds they bring threaten to topple everything.

Diana Bray finds herself not only the mistress of a whole kingdom, but the mate to a handsome king. Unfortunately, her role as the mother to the heir has been stripped from her by their treacherous foe. Other enemies mumble among themselves at her failure to procure the much-needed child, but her mate, Luca, will hear none of it.

Luca and she go in search of a release from the curse and find themselves presented with a set of tasks. To complete them means to free her, but to fail is certain death, and not the pretty kind. While they face the trials a new foe arises intent on stopping them from putting right the wrongs by whatever means possible.

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Mac Flynn
Mac Flynn