2021 Boxing Day Box Set Giveaway!

Boxing Day is coming, and in honor of the shopping holiday I’ve created a Box Set Giveaway! The winners will receive a box set of their choosing (take a look at the prodigious list here). Any subscriber to my newsletter can join, and two random winners will be chosen on December 26th! If you’re not a subscriber yet, you can join via the form on this page.

Already a subscriber? Then join the giveaway and on December 26th see if you’re a winner!

Billionaire Box Set Giveway

My poor, stressed editor has been hard at work editing some of my older series, and as a celebration I’ve decided to give away one of the newly edited series, Beast Billionaire! It’s the complete box set (you can find it at its page on my site), so you can enjoy the entire series in one file!

You can sign up for the giveaway at its page on my site here. There’s only one winner this time and it’s only open for a week, so get in your entry and cross your fingers to be that lucky person!

Even if you’re not, you can still have a chance at getting the box set via my Patreon page. I currently have a sneak-peek for the first book in my upcoming dragon shifter series, Dragon Dusk, available for the $3 and higher tiers! I don’t even know when I’m publishing Dawn of Legend, so it’s a great way to get early-access to all my ebooks, free or not! Feel free to take a peek and see if you’re interested!

And while you’re waiting for Dawn of Legend to arrive, there’s also the latest book in my Fated Touch series, Prison Break, to pre-order!

Latest eBook Pre-Order

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