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Ever wonder what goes bump in the night? What creatures lurk in the shadows of eternity waiting for their human mate to come? Sit back for spellbinding tales of vampires as they come out of the darkness in search of mortal lovers.

6 thoughts on “Vampires”

  • Just finished reading Vampire Dead-tective loved this book. Vincent is so bland about anything that does not directly effect him. The humor is very funny he is a good character to bounce the humor off of.

    • I completely agree about Vince! He’s definitely one of my most favorite characters, and I’m glad to know that someone else has the same insane humor as me! [we crazies have to stick together. Everyone’s out to get us 😉 ]

  • Vampire Soul is really funny! I love the story. The twist and turn, witty comments from Misty, the adventures, the romance, and of course the happily ever after make me finish this series in no time. As I read the book, I had few tears from laughter and vivid scenes with each lively characters (also few deadly and undeadly as mentioned in the book 😉 ) were playing in my head. (Who do you think could cast as Misty, Roland and others in the book?) Those are the reasons this is such a fun book to read. I wish you could continue Misty and Roland’s married life adventures. Will they have vampire babies as Aunt Ma wishes?

    As you know, I am reading your other series too. So, please continue writing more fun books! Also, please don’t keep us waiting for too long of these series, namely the Maiden to Dragon and Sweet & Sour (I’m going to start other series while awaiting…) ;D.

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