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Spells and Bones (Dragon Thief Book 2)

Millie and her wealthy protector Count Benjamin Castle have their first adventure behind them, but troubled seas lay ahead in the land of magic and mayhem.

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Who knew a single drop of blood could change a whole world? For Kate Dena that world is a fantastical new place where adventure and danger await, but she's not alone in facing the evil encroaching on the land. A handsome dragon shifter stands by her side, and together the pair must face the growing darkness and learn her true destiny.

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A night beneath the full moon in the arms of the one she loves, Stephanie feels at peace. Unfortunately the tranquility will be tested and their bond revealed when someone is sacrificed to make a point. Now the pair must decide what to do with this threat, and what to do with each other.


Stephanie looked up to the night sky with her new eyes. The stars were so bright that she thought they were in reach, and she raised up her clawed hand to try to catch them. Chuck sat down at her side and smiled at her childishness.
They were both still in their werewolf forms, and were resting after their love-making. They were still in the meadow, seated beside the metal stake and chain. The moon lay above them, softly glowing down upon its lunar children. Stephanie was finding out the joys of her new form, and Chuck was amused by her curiosity. They could communicate through body gestures and sounds, and it allowed them to speak as though they were using words.
“Are you enjoying yourself?” Chuck asked her. His sparkling eyes told her he was teasing her. She defensively frowned.
“What? I can’t have fun with this stuff?” she countered in a huff.


It was a strange sight to see her wrap her furry arms across her chest and her large lower jaw stick out in a pout. Chuck couldn’t help but laugh.
“Next time we should bring a mirror with us,” he commented. Then an idea hit him, and he stood up on his hind legs. His fidgeting told her he was excited over some thought. “Come with me, there’s something I want to show you.”
Stephanie got up on her hind legs, and then swayed for a moment before she fell forward. She still hadn’t quite got the hang of having such a large upper body, so she felt as though she was off-balance.
“Please tell me it’s not far,” she pleaded. He nodded to the woods opposite the path they’d come up on their way to the meadow.
“It’s just over there a few dozen yards. There’s even an animal trail leading to it.” His words gave her enough reassurance that she crept her way toward the trees. It felt very strange for her to be on all fours, but her animal self had no problems with being hunched over the ground. Stephanie slowly followed after Chuck, who was swift and graceful as he practically leaped over the meadow grass. She imagined herself as a clunky tank inching its way through the remains of her pride.
Eventually she, too, reached the edge of the meadow and the opening to a narrow, well-used path made by the forest animals. Then her nose was assaulted with scents of all kinds along the packed trail, and before she could stop herself her snout was moving frantically along the dirt. Her sense of smell picked up deer and rabbit with the occasional predator following after them. The young werewolf’s small tail started swishing back and forth in excitement and glee. She inched forward along the trail of a doe, and then bumped her nose into something solid. Sheepishly Stephanie glanced up into the long, smirking face of Chuck. He’d watched her antics with amusement and not a little pride. She was, after all, learning to use her new senses.
“Are you done?” he wondered.
“I don’t know, are there any more interesting smells around here?” she countered.
“Plenty, but by the time you’ve satisfied your senses it will be next month. For now let’s teach you how to control your abilities and focus on moving forward.”
“Hardy-har-har,” Stephanie quipped, but she raised her head off the ground. It was disappointing not to find where those scents wandered to, but Chuck was really interested in showing her his surprise. “How far is this thing again, and how many smells does it have?”
“Not far, and it’s the sight you’re supposed to enjoy,” her partner informed her. He nodded up the path. “Now come on, before you see a squirrel and decide it’s dinner time.”
Stephanie grumbled at his accusation, but she couldn’t really deny she wouldn’t race after a small, defenseless woodland creature. Especially if they looked tasty and acted scared. She followed Chuck up the path, admiring his furry posterior as some consolation and watched the other, not as admirable, scenery go by. Their clip was slow, she couldn’t have handled any more than a brisk jog without stumbling over one of her four legs, but that gave her time to study the trees, rocks and bushes. Like her sense of smell, her vision was heightened and she could see most everything clearer now than during the day. The rough texture of the tree bark stood out against the jagged lines on the boulders and stones at the base of their trunks. The thorns on brier bushes poked out from beneath the green, vein-covered leaves.
Chuck led them on the path for about a hundred yards, and at points the path was steep. The trees were thick on both sides for the first half, but then the left-hand side opened up to reveal a mountain creek. The cool water flowed smoothly down through rocks and occasionally a sprinkle of liquid splashed up. Stephanie wrinkled her long nose when water hit her face, but her thick fur kept her skin from feeling the moisture. Then they reached the top of the path, and their destination. The path opened up on both sides, as the trees receded on the right and the creek swung away from them. The trail also flattened, and Chuck stopped to let her walk up to his side. Stephanie’s eyes widened at the beautiful scenery spread out before her.
The area was a small plateau, about twenty yards deep by forty yards wide. At the back the creek dropped from a tall pile of rocks and filled a small depression in the earth on the flat area. It created a wondrous waterfall and shimmering, calm pond. Moss grew on the rocks which dotted the edges of the water and small ferns sprouted up from the mud piled up along the shore. The pool perfectly reflected the sky overhead, including the bright moon, and the small area glistened with the light.
“I come here to rest when I feel a little too wild,” Chuck explained to his companion.
Chuck led her over to a large patch of moss mixed with ferns, and laid down on his side. He patted the ground beside him and Stephanie glanced at his face to see if he was feeling frisky. His expression and manner were easy and not at all horny. Stephanie was both disappointed and relieved. She had fun with him, but right then she was more interested in trying out her new form.


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