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Twilight Witch (Dragon Key Book 1)

A world of suave vampires, rowdy werewolves, and seductive dragon men.

Storms and Crones (Dragon Thief Book 5)

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For Diana Bray, fate has given her a normal life. Normal, that is, until a stranger comes into town with a handsome smile and a strange, eager glimmer in his blue eyes. Little does she know that he's about to take her on an exciting and dangerous journey into a fantastical world where anything can happen, and often does.

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Office Duties #3

Putting away office supplies was never so interesting as when the boss helps.

Day three of Sam’s adventures in her new position started off bad and went to worse. Juggling the sexual infatuations of her boss with the over-friendliness of her coworker, she’s trapped in a spider’s web of messy office drama.

Publisher: Crescent Moon Studios, Inc.

Sam retired soon after her shower. Her sleep was restless and she woke up in the morning feeling groggy and tired. She shuffled her way through her nice apartment without thought and began to dress herself for the coming work day. She paused when she tried to clip on her bra. It wouldn’t quite fit.
“What the hell?” she muttered as she struggled with the rear clasp.
The straps would barely meet at the back and she had a hard time catching them together. Even when she did, the cloth felt incredibly tight against her breasts. She weighed them in her hands and frowned. There was definitely something different about them. They were too heavy and too large. She rolled her eyes as a thought came to her mind.
“What am I? Horny all the time?”
She wrestled no more with her bra but now it was the shirts and skirts that caused her problems. Neither fit her very comfortably.


She found herself jamming her hips down into a simple brown skirt and the sides barely reached together to button the top. The shirts were too tight around the center of her chest and she had half a mind to discard the bra and merely wear the shirt. It was so close to her skin she bet her breasts would be supported by her shirt alone. Her panties were also a problem she thought twice about whether to discard or not.
Sam was running late, though, so it remained only a suggestion for tomorrow. She hopped out of her apartment with one shoe in hand and another barely on her foot. She sped along in her car and reached her desk just as the clock on the wall ready nine. This was the second day in a row she’d almost been late. She had to stop doing this or it would become a habit. Then Winkle would definitely have an excuse to fire her.
Sam plopped down into her chair with a sigh of relief, and Slinky popped her head up over the wall. Her eyes were bright with excitement, while Sam’s were tired and listless.
“I asked around about that strange guy yesterday. You know, the one you recognized out on the street.”
“Wait a sec.” Sam had to catch her breath first. She’d missed the elevator and ran up the stairs. She also hadn’t had a chance for breakfast or her elixir of life, coffee. “Now what about him?”
“Turns out a few other people have seen him around, but they thought he was a client.”
“So?” That wasn’t entirely helpful, and she didn’t feel entirely herself that morning. She really needed that cup of coffee.
“I guess that means you’re right about that guy being around here.” Slinky paused for a moment and leaned far over the wall. “You’re looking different every single morning I see you. You do something to your hair this morning?”
“No, just had some trouble with my clothes this morning.” Sam shifted in her uncomfortably tight apparel. “And thanks for believing me,” she sarcastically added. This morning was just getting better and better. She felt like she was about to pop out of her clothes and the closest person she had to a friend needed positive proof to believe her story.
“Look busy! She’s coming!” Slinky suddenly hissed. She quickly ducked down.
Sam didn’t need to ask who was coming as she hurriedly grabbed the folder on the top and pretended to look through it. Mrs. Winkle came to the entrance of her cubicle with her perpetual frown on her face. Her beady eyes looked through those glasses as she did a close scrutiny of Sam’s attire.
“Miss Olsen, you hardly look prepared for work,” Winkle commented as she turned her nose up at Sam’s appearance.
Sam blushed and shrank down in her chair. “Sorry, I think they might have shrunk in the wash.” It sounded like a plausible reason, even to her ears.
“That sounds like an excuse,” Winkle snapped. This lady’s bluntness knew no bounds when it came to subordinates. “And don’t you have chores to do rather than gossip with your coworkers?”
“Oh, um, yes, ma’am.” Sam plopped the folder down and stood. “Where did you want these folders?” Her supervisor had instructed her to leave them on the desk, but not what to do with them the following morning.
“Not those, your other chores,” Mrs. Winkle hissed as she waved away the pile.
“Other chores?” Sam’s mind was working overtime trying to figure out what she was talking about, but she was drawing a blank.
“I believe Mr. Slink gave you a list to handle each morning.” Her tone told Sam that. Winkle believed she was talking to a child. She kind of felt as helpless as a kid right now.
“Oh, right!” Sam scrambled around her desk until she found the list Mr. Slink had given her yesterday. “I didn’t know when I should start them. I’ll get to them right away.”
“One of them is to supply the floor with coffee,” her supervisor snapped. Sam wondered if she herself desperately needed some, too. “So for your own sake, I think you’d better.”
Mrs. Winkle stormed off and Sam was left with a headache.
“Doesn’t she ever lay off?” Slinky mumbled when their personal demon was out of sight and earshot. She peeked over the wall and Sam could see the hints of a wide smile on the end of her lips. “You know, I told my dad about us getting her off our tails in the supply closet and he had a big laugh over it.” Slinky herself laughed, but more quietly than he’d probably done.
“If he doesn’t like her so much, why hasn’t your dad gotten rid of her?” It would certainly be a thorn out of her side.
“Apparently she’s got a lot of inside information about how the company’s run. You know, schedules and rules and stuff.” She frowned and rolled her eyes. “Frankly I think she’s got something on the bosses. There’s no way anybody’d want to keep her around unless she was blackmailing them.”
“Maybe.” Sam looked at her to-do list and sighed. It wasn’t very long but the items were a little necessary. The coffee making and fetching of donuts were at the top of the list. She waved the list in the air. “Did I take everyone’s chores?” she asked her friend.
“Pretty much,” Slinky replied with a shrug of her eyebrows. “I haven’t heard anyone complaining yet, though. Everyone’s pretty much too lazy to want to do all the simple stuff like making coffee and going for the mail.” She took the list and made a cursory inspection. Her eyes widened at the numerous lines. “Jesus, dad really did give you everything to do.”
“Everything?” Sam couldn’t really believe that was true. It was a lot of stuff, but maybe not everything.
“Well, I can’t think of anything that’s missing,” Slinky informed as she handed back the chore list. Sam glanced over it and forlornly shook her head. “Want some help with it?” Slinky could see how tired she was and how little she cared to do the chores. “I could go get the donuts. I get some for myself, anyway.”
“That’d be great.” Sam managed a smile at her kind friend. She really appreciated Slinky putting up with her crankiness.
“Good, I’ll be back in a few.” She hastily pulled out a sign that read “Be Back In 10 Minutes” and put it outside her cubicle. “Oh, the list say any kind?”
“Nope, but you might want to get ones everyone likes.”
“I’ll try, but I’m not getting the butterscotch Jones likes.” She was referring to the guy who sat close to the elevators. He was generally considered the first line of defense, or first one out, should anything go wrong.
“Yeah, that is pretty bad.”
“All right, here I go.” Slinky slunk down and maneuvered her way to the elevators. That left Sam with one less item on her list.
“Well, guess I’d better get that coffee and mail before someone important yells at me.”


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