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Storms and Crones (Dragon Thief Book 5)

Millie and her handsome fiancé Ben Castle are finally achieving a long-sought goal: to reach the ancestral home of his mother’s people, Rookwood Manor.

Storms and Crones (Dragon Thief Book 5)

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Dakota Combes’s boring life as the quintessential office-slave comes to an abrupt end one fateful Friday evening when she stumbles on the CEO of the company, and his dark secret. Her world turns upside down in a sensual mix of awe and wonder as he leads her into his dark world of wealth and adventure.

FEATURED FREE BOOK: Eligible Billionaire

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The power of the waxing moon takes its hold over Stephanie’s mind and body. She can’t deny the lust she feels for her partner, nor he for her. They consummate their love and find they have more in common than Stephanie had realized.


In a short while they were soon back at the hotel. Chuck escorted her to their room, and shut and locked the door behind them.
“Now what’s wrong?” Stephanie asked him the minute she felt it was safe.
“You told me earlier you felt really great, right?” he asked her, and she nodded. “Maybe that’s a sign of the beast. Maybe there isn’t any pain to changing, but there’s a lot of pleasure.”
“But what about when my arm was changing? Or with all those attacks?” Stephanie countered, and he shrugged.
“I don’t know too much about werewolf physiology, but perhaps those were just the initial changes taking place. Your body could have been adapting to your new species these last few weeks without you noticing and with the full moon almost out those adaptations are showing themselves in a heightened form of a feeling of ecstasy.” During his exposition he’d started to pace the room. “You


re a young werewolf, and that always leads to some interesting side effects. It may also explain why so many werewolves are attracted to you.”
“You sure you don’t know too much about werewolf bodies and urges?” Stephanie wondered. He certainly had some complicated enough theories to show he maybe new more than he was letting on.
“I’ve read enough books to know stuff can happen with all these changes, and people have written some thorough articles trying to explain these effects,” he defended himself, but she felt his explanation was a little hollow. It was just too in-depth. Like he’d experienced some of this either first or second-hand.
Stephanie couldn’t think any deeper than those suspicions, however, as she felt that wave of heat flow over her body. A faint blush rose to her cheeks and she placed a hand atop her breasts to settle her beating heart. Chuck came over and gently settled his hands atop her shoulders.
“You want me to get the car so we can get out of here, or do you want to stay?” her partner asked.
“I-I don’t really know,” Stephanie admitted. There was a fog over her mind which wasn’t allowing her to concentrate very well on what had happened nor any of the questions he was asking of her. Maybe that was a blessing in disguise, though. She didn’t really want to remember what had happened. The young woman moved over to the large windows at the far side of her room. “Maybe I just need some fresh air.” She stopped beside the window and leaned to her side to catch a glimpse of the brilliant night sky above the tall buildings. She thought it would have been more beautiful if the bright street lights and noisy traffic hadn’t been there. “It’s a very beautiful night, isn’t it?” she whispered. Against her will her eyes turned up to the big moon floating overhead. It was so wonderfully bright.
Stephanie didn’t even notice when she’d moved to stand in front of the full-body windows. Her full breasts pressed against the cool glass and her hands were raised even with her head. Her palms lay flat along the window and she soaked in the moon’s rays. In the back of her mind there was a nagging voice telling her this wasn’t a good idea, but she was too far gone to care. No amount of jumping jacks or jogging in place was going to exorcise the cravings she felt right then.
All she felt, all she wanted to feel, was the luscious sensation of her body changing into something else. Her fingers and hands lengthened and stretched higher on the glass. Those tight shoes encasing her feet suddenly became all too tight, and she felt the binding on them snap off. Her dress, short to begin with, grew even shorter and her small stature lengthened in height.
Stephanie groaned as all these changes took place. Her body felt like it was on fire with need and when she glanced at her reflection she saw the hunger in her own eyes.
The young woman slowly turned around and looked to her partner. He stood a few yards off and he noticeably stiffened when he saw the small changes which had taken place over her entire body. She liked the look of surprise on his face. It was so cute, so innocent. She wanted to take that innocence and press her body against it. To become one with him and be embraced by his powerful arms.
With that goal in mind Stephanie moved over to him with a grace she’d never felt before. Her breasts pushed out the front of the low-cut dress and she felt voluptuously tight. She wouldn’t have cared if the whole thin piece of cloth had fallen apart then. It would have made the path to her pleasure all that more swift.
“You know, I think I need to thank you properly,” she told him, and she saw him take a big gulp of air. She pressed her firm breasts against his chest and he grabbed on to her shoulders. She expected him to push her away, but he pulled her closer.
“T-there’s no need,” he stammered out, but she could see he was lying.
There was the need in his dark eyes, and she wanted to see more of that. She wanted to drive him crazy for her, so when he did take her there would be that passion she knew was locked inside of him. Stephanie traced one of her fingers down his cheeks and across the line of his strong jaw. Her tongue licked out to wetten her dry lips, and she felt his heart beat jump at her motions. She had his attention entirely, and she aimed to use it to her pleasure.
“Of course I should thank you, but how should I do it?” she cooed. She leaned in close and pressed her hands against his firm chest. Her fingers massages those strong muscles through the thick cloth of his suit, and she ached to tear the shirt off him. “Should I get down on my knees and bow to you? Would you like me to do that?”
“I-I don’t know.” He couldn’t think straight, not with her so close and her sensuality so pervasive. Their faces were so close that their mouths were almost touching. Her voice was a breath of a whisper on his hot skin.
“Should I give you a kiss?”
Stephanie didn’t wait for him to reply. She couldn’t take the torture she had intended for Chuck, and she leaned in. Their lips locked in a tender, hesitant kiss. To her disappointment she didn’t feel him respond, and she pulled back with worry on her face. This gave her a view of his eyes, and that’s when she realized she needn’t have been concerned.
Chuck’s dark eyes were locked on her so firmly she wondered how she didn’t melt from the intensity. The grip of his hands on her arms tightened and she couldn’t have pulled away from him if she’d wanted to. She felt his hands tremble and his body was so tense she began to worry perhaps he was having some sort of an attack.
“Are you all right?” she asked. She hadn’t meant for her words to come out so low and husky, but they had.
It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


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