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Sands and Tombs (Dragon Thief Book 4)

Millie Lucas and her handsome dragon protector Benjamin Castle are about to find themselves in a very sandy situation.

Sands and Tombs (Dragon Thief Book 4)

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Visions of feral eyes haunt the waking hours of Alexandra Shaw. They both scare and intrigue her, and after one particularly strong dream she heads out to find where these visions are leading her.


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Ensnare the Librarian #3

Leslie’s amorous adventure takes her through a journey of lustful discovery as she searches for answers to the mysterious book. Troubles are complicated by harassing bullies, a handsome teacher, and the book’s demands for her attention. The creature’s power over her continues to grow, and Leslie is both unable and unwilling to stop its seductive march to claim her mind and her body. She’s in a race to find the answers before the answers find her.


I returned to my apartment and slipped inside as the sun outside slipped beneath the horizon. My feet demanded release from my shoes, and I agreed as I plopped down on my couch and pulled my toes from their confinement. I groaned and slumped down on the cushion. For a short day it felt awfully long, not least of which because of my confrontation with Veers. Now he knew I was on his trail, or at least snooping around, and that made my sleuthing harder.
Or did it? I sat up and furrowed my brow. Maybe I could use his strange, inexplicable interest in me to get into the house and his confidences, and ask him about that key. He was more than willing to let me in today, so that was no obstacle. Getting him to spill the beans about the locksmith without him being suspicious would be the hard part. I sighed and slumped back against the couch. “How do detectives do this every day?” I mumbled.
My stomach replied with a loud growl, and I agreed with it.


A nice dinner and a long, hot bath was what I needed. I got the dinner part over with quickly and headed into my bedroom for my pajamas. My eyes caught something that lay on my bed, and I turned to see the book had moved again. It lay atop my covers, but not flat like you’d expect. The book sat on its bottom and was balanced by the open covers. The empty pages faced me and I stumbled back against the wall when the familiar glow arose from the paper.
As delicious as the emotions it stirred in me were, my first reaction was to run from the unnatural book and its glowing promises. I raced to the entrance, but a beam of light shot out and slammed the door shut. The lock latched shut a moment before my hands grasped the knob, and try as I might I couldn’t get the lock undone nor use brute strength to pull open the door.
The glow to my left grew stronger, and I glanced over to the bed in time to see a stream of golden light slip out from the pages. It flowed over the side of the bed and pooled onto the floor. The tendrils arose from the pool and slithered along the floor toward me. I let out a strangled cry and rushed to the opposite wall, but they followed. Their hot, thick bodies whipped out and grabbed my ankles. I latched onto the handles of my closet door, but the tendrils climbed up the door and tore my hands from the handles.
They pulled me to the bed, but I struggled and strained against their demands. I tripped and fell into the mess of tendrils that stretched out between the bed and the closet door. They were on me in a moment, touching and caressing me with their long, thin bodies. I squirmed and tugged, but my mind was losing its will to fight. The tendrils were soft and warm against my shivering skin. They ignited a pleasure inside of me that I couldn’t deny I liked and desired. The creatures slipped beneath my tight clothes and pressed their hot selves against my burning, sensitive skin.
I gasped and groaned as they lit my body afire with their pleasurable touches. My struggles stopped and they wrapped themselves around my body, enveloping me in their lustful caresses. Beneath their thick bodies my clothes were torn to shreds and they massaged my tingling, heated flesh. My naked breasts heaved and swelled. I’d never felt them so heavy and large, and I liked the feeling. Beneath the gentle touches of the tendrils my skin felt as soft as butter, and my hips widened and rounded out to perfect curves.
My hands clutched the pool of golden light beneath me and I felt my fingers dip into a sweltering water of lust. I arched my back and the pointed tips of my breasts stuck out for a moment from the slithering mass of tendrils before being engulfed again in their sultry touches. The sensual, unceasing caresses of the hot tendrils were nearly maddening to me. Every squirm and shudder gave me a new, pleasurable touch from my golden lover. My body was engulfed in sweat and its hot, lustful tendrils. They touched everywhere, and all at once. I whipped my head from side to side and reveled in the sensual delight of being encased in this pool of golden light.
One of the thick tendrils pushed inside me, filling me deeply with itself. My legs were pushed apart to allow deeper penetration, and a small, gentle tendril rubbed up against my clit. I closed my eyes and groaned. The large tendril pulled out and slowly pushed back in. Each stroke was thick, long and gentle. I pushed my hips against it and reveled in the feel of our union.
The tendrils pressed against me and into me, and we made long, sweet love. The thrusts were hard and long, and I groaned withe very feel of it inside me. The tendrils outside touched and caressed my quivering, sweat-soaked body. They slid over my flesh and sent shivering chills through me. It was a perfect union but for one problem. I couldn’t touch the tendrils. Each grasp was like touching water, and I longed to touch hard, tense muscle.
My disappointment was tempered by the tendrils’ caresses. All thoughts were swept away. I knew only its touch against me, and the feel of it inside me. It was a slow, sensual lovemaking. My hips rocked with it as it thrust in and out. My muscles tensed and tingles of pleasure swept over me. I panted and strained against the rising tide of orgasmic sensations. I wanted these feelings to last forever.
The tendrils felt my struggle, and would have none of my protests. They pinned my hips into their pool and the thick tendril thrust hard and fast into me. I cried out in pleasure as each stroke was matched with a stroke against my sensitive clit. I twisted and turned as ripples of sensual pleasure flowed over me. My body was a mass of quivering, tense muscles that vibrated with lustful demands.
Then the tendrils stopped. They all froze, leaving me confused and frustrated. I whimpered and tried to grab them, but they grasped my wrists and ankles and pinned them to the pool beneath me. Still they didn’t move, and I couldn’t stop the sob of disappointment from escaping my throat. “Please,” I groaned. “Please don’t stop.” The tendrils shifted a little, but it was only a teasing touch. They stopped again. I squirmed and arched my back. “Oh god, please take me,” I pleaded with them.
The tendrils slid over me and the thick one inside of me gave a heavy push deep into me. I shuddered and groaned. “Yes. Like that. Please more,” I begged. I didn’t care how pathetic and weak I sounded. I was in the power of this thing, and all I wanted was for it to take me with all the fury of a lustful lover. My voice rose a pitch and I pulled against my hot bonds. “Take me. Please take me.”
The creatures moved again, but only with slow, careful caresses. I wanted it fast and rough. My body demanded my orgasm, and I wasn’t one to stand in the way of its needs. “Harder. Oh god, harder,” I groaned. My tongue slipped out and wet my lips. “Faster. Take me.” My voice was more growl than human, but I didn’t care. There was only the creature, and the pleasure it promised me, and I wanted that pleasure.
The tendrils shuddered and washed over me, engulfing me in their thick, feverish heat. They pulsed with an intensity that swallowed my mind and body in a wave of delicious lust. The tendrils pressed against me and took my heaving breasts into itself, massaging and touching their sensitive buds. The thick tendril inside me grew larger and pressed against me, caressing every nerve and muscle. It pulled out and thrust back into me, again and again, faster and faster.
My muscles twitched, and I was covered in sweat and desire. I tilted my head back and a smile lit up my face. “Yes! Yes, yes yes!” I screamed to my lover.
All the tendrils over me and beneath me thickened and slid over my wet body with the eagerness of a lustful lover. My body exploded in a million touches and a million sensual desires, all fulfilled and created at the same time. I hardly noticed when smaller tendrils burst forth from the larger ones and dipped into the wet pores that covered my body. Their countless penetrations pushed my body over the limit. My eyes widened and my mouth opened in a scream for pleasure that I never could have imagined. “Yes! Oh god, yes!” I cried out.
The thick tendril inside me kept pumping me. I spilled over the edge again and again. My body was a mass of twitching, aching desire. I achieved climax too many times to count. By the time the creature stopped its thrusting my body was spent and I collapsed atop its golden pool. My breaths came out in raspy pants, and I twitched and shuddered. The tendrils massaged my tense muscles and their warmth lulled me into a deep, dreamless sleep.


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