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Book Quizzes

Everybody likes free stuff, right? (waves hand high in the air). With that in mind I’ve set up a quiz game in my newsletter that offers my readers a chance to win a free box set of one of my series! You can check out those prizes at the Box Set page on my site.

You’re probably wondering where I’m getting the questions and answers for this quiz game, right? They’re coming out of my own books! So for reading my books (which you’re already doing), you get a chance to win free stuff!

Here are the ground-rules for participating:

  • You have to be a part of the newsletter to participate, and you can reply to the newsletter email with the answer. Answers sent directly to my inbox will be discarded because I’m too lazy to verify if you’re subscribed to the newsletter.
  • Everyone who guesses right will get a prize.
  • You can only guess once, with one answer, otherwise everyone would be copying and pasting my book list.
  • The quiz is only good for one week from the publication of the newsletter that contains the question, so any answers given after that won’t be valid, even with a coupon.

Easy peasy, right? So go ahead and join in the fun, and get a chance to win a box set for yourself!

Mac Flynn
Mac Flynn