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Mated to the Shadow Dragon

Trapped in a strange, fantastical new world with the only familiar her lover who doesn't even remember her, Elly is thrust into more trouble than she could ever imagine.


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Claimed By the Shadow Dragon

Memories are important, as Elly well knows. All her memories before she was ten were lost to her, but she finds comfort in the future in the arms of her handsome painter fiance, Alec.


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Portrait of A Goddess

The time has arrived for Cait, her lover dragon Asher, and their friends to face their final battle with Davy and his selfish desire to free himself from his curse, no matter the cost.


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  • Romance Lurking in the Shadows July 7, 2021 - Hello, dearest Readers, and welcome to another newsletter update! I've published the first book in my new series, Shadow Dragon. Claimed By the Dragon is available for free at all retailers except Amazon (I'm working on it, but they can be stubborn about changing the price). I also have a new chapter of Loving Scotland for your reading pleasure, so feel free to take a look at that freebie while… Read More
  • Loving Scotland – Chapter 18 July 7, 2021 - My jaw hit the trampled grass. "Why not?" "Because the captain doesn't sail this late and there's no one else willing to take us over, either," Finn told me. "So we're stuck here with no extra clothes and no where to sleep?" I asked him. "Of course you've a place to sleep!" Craig shouted as he clapped his hands on one of our shoulders. My muscles twanged under his strength.… Read More
  • Shadow Dragon – Claimed By the Dragon, Chapters 18-26 July 4, 2021 - Happy Fourth of July to those who celebrate it! The publishing date is almost here for my upcoming book, Claimed By the Shadow Dragon, the first book in my new Shadow Dragon series, so I've decided to post the remaining NINE chapters for your enjoyment! Happy reading, and I hope you have a great weekend! Read More