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Paranormal & Fantasy Romance Writer

The Phantom Feud

Adi has decided to remain in the Land of Shadows and help fight against the monsters that seek the sacred item hidden in those dark woods. Her choice is soon put to the test when more trouble creeps into Death’s domain.

The Shadowed Foe

The Land of Shadows has been partially restored thanks to Adi and Duncan’s efforts, but two parts of the pentagram remain covered in rot and weeds. Their efforts, however, are stymied when they find themselves up against a powerful and mysterious foe who’s intent on capturing the Urn of Immortality.

First, though, Adi has something personal to handle as she stumbles upon a familiar face at the southern edge of the Land. Her old boss Billy has arrived at Death’s door, dazed and confused but with all his usual crusty wit intact. His soul can’t pass on, so she offers to help him discover his unfinished business so she can get along with her business as a Keeper.

Her cheerful offer of help, however, is set against a background of looming darkness. Another uninvited guest arrives in the form of a playful imp, and this one is an unwelcome face to the older Keepers. The imp’s arrival heralds a series of phantom problems, each different from the last as the waves crash toward a crescendo of trouble that threatens the safety of the Urn. Now Adi must discover Billy’s unfinished business while keeping the Urn safe from the onslaught of phantoms.

Shadow and light collide as the Keepers fight against time to discover the true culprit behind the encroaching darkness before they’re all swallowed in its cold embrace.

Brewing Storms

Jane and the others have left behind the Island of Shadows, but they can’t leave behind the lingering consequences. She now holds the magick of darkness within her, and slumbering as he is there is still danger in traveling with such a powerful companion.

Mac Flynn
Mac Flynn