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Bound to the Dragon

Thanks to Emma and her new friends, Edmond is freed from his curse, but there remains two other dragon lords trapped inside their realms. Together the pair set off on a journey to free one of them, the dragon lord Balmore, ruler of the rocky land of the Pitted Mountains.

Mated to the Dragon

The dragon of the Pitted Mountains has been vanquished and all that remains to set things right is to venture to Lochanna, the Empire of Swamps. There awaits Sullivan, the final dragon of the three and the last, and first, to be cursed.

Emma and Edmond’s journey to the swamps is not without its own adventure, however, as they find themselves in a mess of trouble along the long route they decide to travel. Their path takes them through several small towns and villages, and at each one they find themselves confronting mistakes of the past brought on by the century-old curse.

Things are made worse when they discover that something lurks in the shadows of the magic-laden land. A creature stalks the enchanted creatures and is suspected of stealing magical items from the humans. That thing sets its sights on the pair, and they find that their new foe is actually an old enemy, one that has no intention of letting them reach their destination.

Brewing Storms

Jane and the others have left behind the Island of Shadows, but they can’t leave behind the lingering consequences. She now holds the magick of darkness within her, and slumbering as he is there is still danger in traveling with such a powerful companion.

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Mac Flynn
Mac Flynn