Oh yeah, I went there.

Creepy kittyI went and drastically changed my layout (along with maybe-kind-of deleting about a hundred pages). I wanted something easier to manage for me, and more convenient to browse for my readers, so off with the sidebars and on with the single-column!

*cough* Anyway, there’s also a change to how book info is viewed. The info is hidden until you hover over the cover images, and then a content box will slide out (at least for me. If this doesn’t work for you feel free to contact me about the problem). The box set covers are still a little off, but I’ll have that fixed in the next couple of days (I may have to slight adjust a few of them).

Hope you like the layout, and keep reading! 😉

2 thoughts on “Oh yeah, I went there.

  1. I loved book one of the ” In the Loup” series , can’t wait to read the rest of series! Where can I find them? Also , is the series available in book stores?

    Teresa Bishop

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