Happy Birthday, Dear Readers!

My birthday fell (or in my case, collapses) last month, so I’ve decided to give everyone in my newsletter an exclusive present (it’s my birthday and I say this makes sense, so it does)!

The gift is the Vampire Soul Box Set, offered to you guys at 75% off! (It’s my favorite series, so that’s why I’m sharing it with all of you!) That means you get the $21 (US) box set for less than $6! (With 8 books in the series, that’s less than the price of 2 of them).

Wondering what the series is about? Pick up a free copy of the first novella, Midnight Customer, and find out!

To pick up your cheap copy of the whole series just head on over to its Barnes and Noble page and add it to your cart. Use the promo code BNPBDAY1975 in the checkout and the box is yours, but you have to hurry! Like all birthdays, this one only lasts the day of March 12th, so grab it while you can!

And don’t forget that my latest ebook, Death Embraced, is available for pre-order! It’s the last book in the Death Touched series, so feel free to dig into the fun from start to finish!

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