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Hello, my readers, and welcome to a special exciting edition of my newsletter! I’ve written two novels, each the beginning of a new romance series, and I want you to help me choose which series should be my next one to write! This is a special treat reserved ONLY for my newsletter readers, and I hope you help me pick which series YOU think I should write next!

Your part is simple, but would definitely help me a whole bunch! Just download the books at the available links below, read them, and then vote for your favorite at this page! The voting will be open for a whole month, so feel free to take your time with your decision.

If you need any help with downloading directly to your reader (I know I always do) then the nice people at BookFunnel will help you every step of the way! Just start the download process, and you’ll sail through the choppy waters of e-readers to the islands of reading!

Oh, and don’t forget my latest pre-order that’s available! You can check that out at the bottom of the page!


Curse of Blood (Dragon Bane Book 1)

Dawn of Legend (Dragon Dusk Book 1)

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