Authoring, Or how I learned to stop worrying and love my book lengths

Now that you’ve started on your journey to being an author, you’ve probably noticed that not all books are created equal. Some are short and others are long, some chapters stretch into the horizon and others you miss with a blink, some are in a series and others aren’t. Don’t get me started on the different genres (that’s farther down in this post).

Suffice to say, there are a ton of different kinds of books. I’ll go through a few of the differences in this post along with a couple of marketing tips for anyone eager to make a living on their writing skills.

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In the Beginning – Where to Start

So you have a story idea in your head and want to publish it. That takes guts. Talent helps, but guts are what’s needed first. Lots of ‘em. But use them sparingly in your story, unless it’s an action one, then go ahead.

First, though, you have to ask yourself a question nobody really cares about except you and the occasional bookstore geek: am I an author, or a writer? I’ve always considered myself a writer because surely an author is some lofty title my poor writing skills could never achieve. Then I got to thinking: what if I was an author? What if being an author was being a storyteller, a dream-maker to the masses? What if I had just enough ego to believe I was more than a writer, and was something else? That’s when I realized that anyone with their own story, be it fictional or true, can be an author.

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