Apology, explanation, and thank-you

As you can tell I’m terrible at blogging, but I feel I need to apologize, explain, and pass a thank-you on to you, my readers.

I’m sure many of you have noticed the long delay (sometimes as many as three weeks to several months) between serial and series installments. I sincerely apologize for the delay in finishing some of my series, and I’m grateful for the continuing interest and patience many of you have shown.

The reason for my erratic publishing is that for the last three months I was caring for one of my cats (I have many, and yes, I am crazy). Her nasal passage had become blocked, and she had trouble breathing. A month ago something started to grow inside the right side of her face. Last Friday, September 5th, we were informed that it was cancer. It had already taken her right eye, and on Monday, September 8th, I made the difficult decision to put her to sleep.

Now for the thank you. Without your support I would never have been able to spend as much time (and money) on my precious little kitty. I want to thank you guys for being there for me (even if only in spirit and wallet), and for giving me the opportunity to care for my kitty. Missy-Cat was a great cat to know, and an even harder one to say goodbye to. Thank you so much, and I promise I’ll be back to writing soon (and I’ll even finish some of those unfinished series!).