Oracle of Spirits

Enid Runa is a normal secretary who has an uncanny knack for knowing when something is wrong. When something hauntingly terrifying goes wrong in her life, a mysterious gentleman in black offers his assistance. Little does she know she is about to be led down the rabbit-hole of the paranormal and into a whole new mess of trouble.

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10 thoughts on “Oracle of Spirits

  1. This book has me wanting to find out more of want will happen to Enid, Ian, and Cronus. Do you think you will expand this series? Or will you focus on another character of the book?

    1. I was planning on at least including the side characters into later series, but you never know, those guys might appear, too 😉

          1. OK…. but if the first character didn’t work out and you had to choose a second character who would it be?

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