Moon Chosen

Twelve kidnapped women, a strange curse, and dark, sensual cravings entwine the strange island on the lake.

Sophia is torn from her home and shoved into a dark world of intrigue and sensual desire that finds her blood-bound to a handsome but cold young man. Her only thought is to escape, but as she learns more about the island and its inhabitants she realizes she may be too deep into the rabbit-hole to ever flee from the wolves.

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17 thoughts on “Moon Chosen

  1. I enjoy any and all werewolf books. I like to see the different takes that diffrent writers use when they write in this genre. If they bite when they mate, do they keep their clothes on when they shift, do they shift, ect… There are so many different ways to go with this it is unimaginable. Hopefully I’m going to be enjoying yours soon too. Thank you for your time.

    Bethany Platte >^..^<

  2. So i just read all 5 in one night and dang it i cant believe i have to wait for the next one…. love it. Spent the whole night dreaming of what the next one would be like lol. Cant wait for the next one to see if any of my dream made it in to the book, hehe.

    1. *sweats* I hope it won’t disappoint! (And coincidentally, between you, me, and whoever reads these posts, I’m curious to know where this is going, too. The evil story keeps changing on me 😉 )

  3. I just read all five Chosen books one after another. The details you describe paint a picture in my imagination that is extraordinary. I love to read how they mate and what drives their transformation. Whether they’re born werewolves or bitten to become one. I love the story in Chosen. There’s so much going on with the different magical beings…betrayal, love, humor, action, drama and loyalty. I truly love it! I’m hoping to read how both Erik and Sophie transform into their wolves and the marking or claiming of the mate. I can’t wait for the next book.

  4. I just love your series! Each one leaves me wanting more so I just got to ask: Is there going to be an 8th one? I really want to know how Eric and Sophie ended!

  5. I enjoyed this series, but hated how it ended. There just seemed like more could have happened. Like their lives after the war. Your a fantastic writer.

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