Highland Moon

The Scottish Highlands blow a changing wind over Muira, a young woman and the newest servant at Castle Campbell. Her work leads her down many of the shadowed passages of the aging keep, and she hears rumors about the laird’s dead son, the handsome Tristan. The dark night leads her astray and she travels down the forbidden north wing passage to a deliciously sensual surprise, and her future.

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2 thoughts on “Highland Moon

  1. Hi! I`m so intrigued in the “Highland moon series”. I normally read the series on google books, but i could not wait to read book 5, so I decided to go to amazon to buy book 5 in the series as your website recommended and its not posted up there. Can you please let me know where I can book 5 in the series, I did see book 6 is posted to be pre-ordered and very much looking forward to it. Any response will be appreciated. Thank you!

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