Falling For A Wolf

Christina Monet buys her home-away-from-home deep in the woods, and it comes with the perk of a handsome but mysterious stranger. He seems to hold a strange fear over the animals, and when she starts hearing howls in the night she learns he has more secrets than the squirrels have nuts.

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8 thoughts on “Falling For A Wolf

  1. When do expect book 7 & 8 to be released? I have enjoyed this series and would love to read more. Also, have u ever thought about starting a new series that would intertwine some of these current characters? Perhaps it could elaborate more or connect, for example, their children in the future as they begin relationships. Oh well, just a thought. Luv ur books!!!!

    1. I hadn’t really planned to have any more books in the series, but your ideas tempt me. I’ll have to see what comes up 😉

  2. I enjoyed your first 6 books I’m glad their is more to if you could write about the wedding and the the judge and his mate doing the wolf part and her mom setting up the human side and have a big conflict between them both then drop a big bomb off about her and her parents linage the last page.
    Thanks for writing all of the books keep them coming

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