By My Light

One fateful night pulls Gwen Rogers from her normal office world and into the realm of myths and legends. She becomes a legend herself after she’s given the curse of a werewolf and thrust into the powerful grasp of William Fox, a billionaire obsessed with all things paranormal. Now she must fight against the monster inside her and the monster beside her to navigate her new world.

7 thoughts on “By My Light

    1. Hi there! To be honest, the reviews are so terrible and the interest so lackluster that I’m not sure when the next book will come out. Someday, but probably not in the next month or three.

      1. do you have an approximate date as to when you will publish the following book? not many works of literature hold my attention, and even though your books are somewhat on the short side, i don’t mind since i enjoy them very much. Ive already added your Alpha Mated series to my collection… here’s to hoping that you’ll publish the latest installment to this series soon..

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