Dead-tective Series

Liz Stokes is your average, everyday office girl with one unusual part of her life: her roommate, Tim, and his even more unusual partner, Vincent. Her life changes when her roommate is discovered murdered and the group that did it comes after her believing she knows something they want to learn. Through a few mishaps she finds herself bound to Vincent, a vampire with a small heart and even smaller patience.

Together they must survive the paranormal underworld and learn what Tim knew before their enemies find them first.

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8 thoughts on “Dead-tective Series

    1. I love what I read Liz and Vincent got a lot of chemistry between them. I would love to see if they jump into bed together. To see what kind of sparks and fire those two make. I love the fact he saves her, but really I think he has sexual feelings for her and he is fighting it. She said he was handsome put some muscles on the boy. Make him sexy as hell. It was a good read I truly enjoyed it.

  1. The series was great, I really enjoyed the story line(s) and the main characters of Vincent and Liz as well as the supporting cast characters, Mitch, Officer Romero, etc. I hope there more sequels planned for these two, they are great characters and I would definitely read any books about their further adventures!!!

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