Maiden to the Dragon

Life comes knocking on Miriam Cait’s door as she’s whisked away from her normal life and into a land of fantasy and wonder. The downside is she’s mated to a handsome dragon lord, a ruler of one of the five realms. Most people wouldn’t see that as a downside, but Miriam has her own mind and she aims to keep it that way.

Whether it’s fighting her scaly spouse or dodging everything from werewolves to fairies, she won’t back down in the face of danger. She’ll survive this new world with its strange customs, and along the way she’ll find love in the most obvious of places.

56 thoughts on “Maiden to the Dragon

  1. I adore all of your dragon maidens series so far there truely amazing. I have read so many of your books and have loved every one completely.

    1. I’m so glad you love the dragon series (and the others)! I plan on writing a bunch in this series, so hold on to your seat belt!

    1. I wish! Every book keeps getting longer (and the next one is no exception), so I’d probably just break any dates I’d make, but rest assured they’ll keep coming!

  2. I love this Maiden Dragon series . I am very much looking forward to books 5 and 6, I hope they are released soon and more!!!!!

  3. This series is seriously one I can’t put down and I have so many questions about what’s in future for this series! Definitely keep them coming! Will you ever be doing a question and answers post?

    1. I never thought the series would be popular enough for a Q&A post, but it’s something I’ll definitely think about if I fail to tie up all the loose ends in the series!

  4. I have read the maiden series up to oceans beneath dragon’s. I have a nook from Barnes​ and Noble and it seems that the books only go up to the traitor book. Will the ocean’s to the most newest be coming out online soon?

  5. Hi Mac,
    This is such a great series! The story definitely leaves you wanting more, any idea of a release date for book five?

  6. Love these books to say the least. I couldnt put them down, as you can see its 3.12 in the morning and I’ve just finished book five, and was looking for book six witch brought me here . I must say u are an truly amazing writer Mac Flynn, I can’t wait to read your next books x

  7. Hi, love the series!!!! I’m on book 6 and can’t find it online. Where can I get it and is it available as an audiobook?

    1. Book 6 is still in the works, but I hope to have it out this month. I hadn’t considered an audiobook for it. I’ll have to look into that. . .

  8. Hi. I am absolutely hooked on your books. Can you please tell me when books 6 & 7 are available.

    Many thanks


  9. I have the first 5 of your Dragon books. I know there is 1 more out there{the Desert one } can you tell me where I can get it.

  10. I just learned that there is yet another dragon book Island of the Dragon. I would like to know where I can get both books.

    1. Wow, I never thought I’d have a series this popular that people would actually want to read the next books. . .

      But to answer your questions, the Desert one will be out this month, and the Island one will hopefully be next month (crossing fingers nothing else in my new house distracts me).

      1. This is totally awesome . Thank you for writing the Maiden and Dragon books I can’t wait to see what you have for us next. The anticipation is killing me .

  11. I love the maiden series is the 6th book delayed I say you said it would be out this month I read all of them in just a few days

    1. I (hope) everyone’s going to get a treat with this next book. If it was the length of any of the others, it’d be finished already. Unfortunately for me (but fortunate to my readers!) it’s proving to be quite a few pages longer than any before it.

  12. As I have just finished the first 6 books in the series, i must say, I LOVE THIS SERIES😁 I am anxiously awaiting #7. 😁😁

  13. When is Island of the dragon going to be available for purchase for the Nook I have enjoyed all of the series and I’m looking forward to reading the other two when they come out. Thank you Cathie

  14. When will book 7 be out ? I wish there was a way to pre order for when it was available. Love these books read ashley of them in less than a week. I’m addicted….😁❀❀

    1. I’m a hesitanted writer with preorders. I might miss the deadline for these books, so if I set a preorder with Amazon and fail to make it they ban me for a year from being able to make preorders T.T.

  15. Read them all, love them all. Xander, Spiros, Darya, Tillie, and also Miriam are some bad mother shut your mount. Love your writing. Can’t wait to read the next two books .

  16. I just finished reading book #6. I am anxious to begin book #7! I can’t wait to see what new adventures await Miriam and Xander next!

    1. I’m shooting for the end of the month, but I have to get another novel finished before that one (though I’m working on both at the same time). Fingers crossed!

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