Men of mythical origins who wander over our world and many others seeking mates to continue their bloodlines. Women of humble origins who find themselves caught in a fate they never expected. These shifter stories bring together the men of many forms with the women who are destined to be theirs, and together they find strength in each other, and a true love along the way.

3 thoughts on “Dragons

  1. I have been reading the Dragon series love them all. Can’t wait for Mths Beyond Dragons to come out. Guess I’ll start one of your other series while I wait.

  2. Ok, I must write to you, even though I’m only halfway through Deserts of the Dragons, you should really really really consider making this series into TV series. This series is so interesting that I can really picture each scene. I can’t wait to start book #7 (yes, bought it before finishing #6 ;D ). It’s really fun reading your books. Again, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don’t end the book too soon. Continue to write more good series. But just a small advice that someone should make editorial correction to make your books perfect!

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