Unnatural Lover

Amanda Stenser always dreamed of having children of her own, but the doctor gives her some horrible news. She’s barren, and can never naturally have children. Devastated, she goes against everyone’s advice and decides to take a trip up into the mountains to soothe her mind. All is well at the cabin she’s rented until night falls and she hears strange noises beneath the floor…

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2 thoughts on “Unnatural Lover

  1. I take it from the sample story (great start by the way!) that the dark shapeless thing means to breed the heroine? Tell me, is there going to be an unnatural pregnancy from her coupling with it, and if so, will the birth be depicted? I ask because I have a soft spot for the whole “Rosemary’s Baby”/ The Sect” theme of fetching female characters falling pregnant and giving birth to dark things. Thanks for any and all feedback!

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