God Rising

The third novel in the three-part Angel Fable arc.

Jane has been reunited with Caius, but the price was too high. Now she and her companions must race against a new foe to save one of their own before he does something unspeakable.

Their chase leads them to the epicenter of the Librarian world, the Central Library, where all research knowledge is stored. There they find new allies and old foes that lead them through the Catacombs of Tomes and into a world of the darcane, the black magic of the Shifting World.

They follow the trail and are led to a shadow that was once a city where the ghosts of the past stretch out their dark hands for salvation. The High Librarian has designs for those hands, and they need the power of a lumina to fulfill them.

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Publisher: Crescent Moon Studios, Inc.

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