Loving Scotland – Chapter 2, More Trouble, But With Water

“Is something the matter?” Fin asked me.

I shook myself and stuffed my phone back in my pocket. “My boss won’t pick up the phone,” I told him.

“That’s rather unkind of him,” Fin commented.

I snorted. “That’s an understatement. . .” I grumbled. I ran a hand through my long brown hair and sighed. If the whole world was a board room I would feel comfortable, but out here in the jungles of the entire modern world was a different adventure entirely.

“What will you do now?” he wondered.

I shrugged. “Go on to Glasgow and hope to find my guide somewhere. My boss didn’t even say where I was supposed to meet him.”

An evil smile slipped onto Fin’s lips. “Perhaps I might have a better suggestion,” he told me.

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Captivating Romantic Reads For Those With Cabin Fever!

Hello again, my wonderful readers, and welcome to another filled installment of my newsletter! I’ve got three tasty reads for you today, and don’t forget that every Friday a new chapter comes out on my website for my ongoing book, Loving Scotland! You can find the continuing book with all its installments at this page. I also forgot to mention that the book is unedited, so I apologize for any mistakes you might find!

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Lockdown Love

Hello, Dear Readers! No doubt like many of you, I’ve been trying to figure out how to deal with the cabin-fever that has slowly settled into my brain, and I may have solved the problem for both of us!

Loving Scotland is a long-promised (and long-overdue) book I’ve been writing. To give us both a welcome distraction (and to get me to write the poor thing), every Friday I’ll post a chapter of the book. I’ve promised not to clog your inbox, so I’m only announcing it this first time.

When the book is done I’ll keep up the chapters and publish it! The first chapter is already up, so happy reading and tell me what you think of it!