Maiden to the Dragon #6 Is Out!

Duty and curiosity call Miriam and Xander away from their tranquility and into a new storm of troubles. The road they travel is a dusty one as their new adventure leads them to the southern deserts of the dragon world. There they find a world of wind riders, ancient secrets, and feuds as old as the lords of dragons.

Among the secrets is a darkness that lurks from the edges of the desert to the far corners of the sand city of Hadia where the Priests of the Portal hold sway. Their arrival triggers a movement of shadows that leaves them at the whim of their foes and leaves Miriam with questions about her origins. She must begin to know herself before she can help her friends, or they will all end up as skeletons in the sand.

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Maiden to the Dragon #5 Published!

The ocean breeze calls Miriam and her band of friends to a new adventure as they arrive at Cayden’s summer home along a bright blue bay. Unfortunately, the only thing peaceful is the waters as news of marauders reaches them. They become the news when the pirates arrive at the shores of the calm bay. They bring with them a powerful weapon against dragons that leaves more than one hero a victim of its potent attack.

A diplomatic envoy is gathered, and Miriam won’t be left behind. Their mission takes them to an island far out in the ocean where she makes a new friend, and a new enemy. As they navigate the tense politics of the island she hears tales of an ancient god of water, one who may be able to tell her about her past, and where her future lies.

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Sneak-peek of Maiden to the Dragon #5

It’s been a while since I published. I just recently moved into my first house and things were a little more hectic than I expected.

However, I’ve got proof that not all that time has been wasted packing and unpacking boxes! Below, for your reading pleasure, is an excerpt for the next book in the Maiden to the Dragon series, Oceans Beneath Dragons! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the rest of the series!

For other works in progress, I’ve been updating and editing the werewolf series By My Light. Those modified books should be out in the first week of the coming month, and the next book in the series is sure to follow! I’ve also been typing away at the fourth and final installment of the Sweet & Sour werewolf series. That should be out in the next month or so.

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