Romantic Myths and Runes

Welcome back to my newsletter, wonderful readers, and today I have two books to sink your eyes into! There’s the second installment of the Dragon Dusk series available for your reading pleasure, and a few pre-orders for some scheduled reading!

And don’t forget that every weekend a new chapter comes out on my website for my ongoing book, Loving Scotland! You can find the continuing book with all its installments at this page.

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Loving Scotland – Chapter 6

I followed Fin down the path to the wooden front door where he knocked. There were soft footsteps on the other side and in a moment the door opened. A woman of about fifty stood on the other side. She had keen eyes that lacked the cunning of a knave, but held a bottomless possibility of kindness. Her clothes were simple but clean, and she wore an apron over them that was covered in flour. At the corners of her mouth was an ever-present smile waiting to be freed, and her gray-speckled brown hair was pulled back in a tight bun.

“A fine morning to you, Mrs. Breathnach,” Fin greeted her.

Her eyes widened. She flung open the door with a bright smile on her face. “Finlay MacLennan! The captain told my husband you were here, but I couldn’t believe you wouldn’t be a-visiting without writing before ya come,” she commented.

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Loving Scotland – Chapter 5

“Aye. Didn’t Fin tell you Eilean Dubhan is his island?” the general wondered.

I whipped my head to Fin, who smiled back. “He said he owned some property on it,” I growled.

The general let out a guffaw. “Well, he spoke the truth, but only half of it. He’s the laird of Eilean Dubhan.”

“I think that’s enough, General. The young lady isn’t interested in such things,” Fin spoke up.

“Piffle, I say! Don’t brush off your heritage as though it was something to be ashamed of. Own it, man!” the general scolded him.

“And own it I do, my dear general, but weren’t you planning a hunt?” Fin reminded him.

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