A New Pre-order and a Chance to Win A Free Box Set!

Hi, Readers! Have I got an announcement for you! I’ve decided to ditch Mac’s Corner for something a lot more fun for both of us: a quiz!

Wait! Where are you going? Just here me out! This quiz comes with a great prize: a free box set of your choice! That’s right! You get the quiz right and you can pick out which of my box sets you want, and it can come in either ePub or Mobi format! The answers are all contained in my books, so if you’re a huge fan then you’ll rack up a bunch of free box sets in no time!

Ah, but first we have to go over the Book Quiz rules:

  • You have to be a part of the newsletter to participate, and you can reply to the newsletter email with the answer. Answers sent directly to my inbox will be discarded because I’m too lazy to verify if you’re subscribed to the newsletter.
  • Anyone who guesses right will get a prize.
  • You can only guess once, with one answer, otherwise everyone would be copying and pasting my book list.
  • The quiz is only good for one week from the publication of the newsletter that contains the question, so any answers given after that won’t be valid, even with a coupon.

Before we get to the fun, I’ve also got a pre-order available! It’s the fifth book in the Blood Dragon series, Dragon Soul! Go check it out below or at its page on my website!

Now wanting to try your hand at the quiz? Scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter and see if you can guess it right to get the prize!

As always, thank you for reading and happy quizzing!
– Mac

Latest Pre-Order

Sarah and her paranormal friends find themselves on the hunt for another piece of the ancient relic. Their search leads them to a shop of the supernatural where they’re met with a surprise: an old enemy has accidentally come into possession of the next piece of the relic.

A challenge is sent to them from the old foe and they’re forced to step into what they know is a trap. However, past enemies return and chaos ensues. When the dust settles Sarah is left holding a powerful bag of trouble where even knowing the rules leads her closer to a terrible fate.

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Missed the first four Blood Dragon novels? Grab them in ebook format at these links:

Book 1: Dragon Pact
Book 2: Dragon Spirit
Book 3: Dragon Guard
Book 4: Dragon Touch

Quizzing For eBooks

Okay, now that you’ve scrolled it’s time for the quiz! Ready?

Question: Ruthven is a main character in the Blood Dragon series, but that isn’t the first time I’ve used that name. That was the same name for a villian in another series. Which series was it?

Answer: that’s for you to discover! Good luck!

Romance Comes to A Haunted Theater

Mac’s Corner

Inspiration has struck, and that means the next installment of The Moon and the Stars series is coming early! In fact, Stagestruck is already available for pre-order at all my usual retailers. The ebook comes out on February 5th, but feel free to take a look at it right now!

As always, thanks for reading!
– Mac

Available For Pre-order

Lilly Edmonds is now a Star, the official protector of the werewolf Paul Lupe, but she finds herself the one who needs protection as her friends and she arrive at an old theater. The Imago Theatrum has its dark shadows and creaky floorboards, but she soon finds that more than just actors lurk in the wings. Rumors of ghosts abound, and she finds herself haunted by a spirit who has less than good intentions toward her.

The hauntings bring up the old past of the famous theater, and some of it isn’t pleasant. Lilly and her group discover that a famous actor disappeared after performing the same play in which Paul finds himself playing the lead. Strange noises, knock on the walls, and ghostly apparitions make themselves known. The actors are spooked and the spooks are active.

Desperate to save himself from ruin, the theater owner takes drastic measures to rid himself of the spook before opening night. That involves bringing in outside help from familiar and unfamiliar sources, leading to a terrifying night where Lilly must use all her wit and courage to save herself and her friends from the ghost that haunts the theater, and her.

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Missed the first free The Moon and the Stars novel? Grab it now in ebook format:

Book 1: Starstruck

Free Sexy New Movie-Star Werewolf!

Mac’s Corner

Can you smell that? It’s the first book of a new year, and it’s also the first book in a new series! Feel free to take a look at Starstruck, the first novel in The Moon and the Stars series that features a sexy new werewolf and his female companion. It won’t cost you a dime because I’ve made it free to download!

I’ve also taken the liberty of lifting much of the rules for my ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) group. Check out the page and see if you’re interested!

As always, thanks for reading, and have a wonderful 2019!
– Mac

Latest Book

Elizabeth Edmonds is a normal, clumsy woman working at a small, normal bakery. That is, until one night leads her on a chance encounter with a movie star manager. The star himself wants to get to know her. She isn’t so sure, but after a terrifying encounter with an interesting beast, she decides there’s something more going on and agrees to see him.

Paul Lupe is a brooding movie star with a terrible secret. He’s able to transform into a monstrous wolf creature. Worse, his career is on the down-slide and he needs a way to garner attention. His manager comes up with a scheme to show off an ordinary woman. They go in search of one, and she’s more than he expected. He feels drawn to her through a deeper connection than he cares to admit.

Together they and their friends embark on a strange new adventure as a series of murders rock their city. Something furry and monstrous is attacking reporters, and they have to figure out who and stop them before Paul’s secret becomes more than an open scandal. It becomes a dangerous fact for all of them.

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