Loving Scotland – Chapter 8

Fin led the way across the lawn to the pair. They for their part went out of their way to walk to the end of the gravel to meet us, a total of five yards distance. When we reached them I maneuvered myself to be partially hidden behind Fin. I wasn’t shy, but I wanted to assess their personalities before they took much notice of me.

The man smiled beneath his clean-cut mustache and held out his hand to Fin. “Laird Dubhan, a pleasure to see you again,” Mr. Ferguson greeted him.

Fin took his hand and gave it a firm shake. “A pleasure, as always, Mr. Ferguson,” Fin returned.

“Good morning, Fin,” the girl spoke up. She had a sweet smile on her lips and a less-than-sweet look in her eyes as she admired Fin for more than just his brains and manners.

“Good morning, Miss Ferguson, how are you getting on abouts?” Fin asked her.

The daughter laughed. It was like beautiful wind chimes blowing in a soft breeze. I hated it. “Have you forgotten you’re to call me Ophelia?” she scolded him.

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Romantic Second Season Comes to An End

Welcome back to my newsletter, wonderful readers, and today I have two books to sink your eyes into! There’s the twelfth installment of the Fated Touch series, Dark Vessel, available for your reading pleasure, and a pre-order for the third installment of the Dragon Dusk series to take a look at!

I’ll be taking a short break from the Fated Touch series, but fear not! There are more books to come and more adventures to be had! In the meantime, I’ll be working on some shorter series like Dragon Dusk series and other future sexy dragon stories, so stay tuned!

And don’t forget that every weekend a new chapter comes out on my website for my ongoing book, Loving Scotland! You can find the continuing book with all its installments at this page.

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Loving Scotland – Chapter 7

The walk back was much easier and even with our delicious burdens we were at the cottage in half the time. I moved to go inside, but Fin nodded at the corner of the house. “Without the electricity we had better put these in the root cellar,” he instructed me. He led me around the far side of the cottage where I noticed a small door sitting at an angle in the ground beside the foundation. Fin lifted the door and showed a large hole where he packed away most of the meat and the basket of vegetables, leaving some for me to hold.

We carried our treasures inside where Fin started a roaring fire and cooked the grouse. I tried to mimic Anna’s impressive feat with veggies, but ended up with as many peels of skin on my fingers as the carrots.

Fin came up behind me and glanced down at the nicks and cuts on my fingers. “Would you like some help?” he offered.

“If you don’t I may bleed to death,” I returned.

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