Sneak-peek of Maiden to the Dragon #5

It’s been a while since I published. I just recently moved into my first house and things were a little more hectic than I expected.

However, I’ve got proof that not all that time has been wasted packing and unpacking boxes! Below, for your reading pleasure, is an excerpt for the next book in the Maiden to the Dragon series, Oceans Beneath Dragons! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the rest of the series!

For other works in progress, I’ve been updating and editing the werewolf series By My Light. Those modified books should be out in the first week of the coming month, and the next book in the series is sure to follow! I’ve also been typing away at the fourth and final installment of the Sweet & Sour werewolf series. That should be out in the next month or so.

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Traitors Among Dragons: Maiden to the Dragon #4

Miriam and Xander’s halcyon days of rest along the shores of Beriadan Lake in Alexandria come to a quick end when the pleas of another dragon lord lead them to the blackened Heavy Mountains. Lord Herod demands their attentions on a pressing matter, and what they find is a pot of trouble boiling over with ancient blood feuds, uneasy alliances, and old stories of treacherous Maidens.

Trouble comes along the winds of a storm, and Miriam finds herself in the middle of it. Now she must prove her innocence against a hefty charge, or face the fatal consequences. The trail leads them to the Coven Caves where witches cast more than their shadows on the walls. One life-attempt after another shows they’re on the right trail, but only if they can stay one step ahead of their mysterious foes. Otherwise, the mountains will be their final adventure.

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Labyrinth of the Dragon: Maiden to the Dragon #3

For Miriam Cait, a long journey over the realms of the dragons ends at the capital of Xander’s territory, the ancient city of Alexandria. The shadows of majestic spires stretch over the large lake that separates the main city from the white-stone castle that is to be her new home. Unfortunately, trouble comes on the heels of their footsteps and Xander is called away, forcing Miriam to find her own way around the city, whether her sitter wants her to or not.

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