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Loving Scotland

The untamed Inner Hebrides of Scotland are home to flora, fauna, and a little romantic fun in this romp over the Gaelic islands.


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Tome of Fable

Questions linger in Christine's mind, questions that involve the dragon shifter whom she's come to love. Tristan's fate is shrouded in shadows, and she begins to suspect that her own future is tied to his.


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Runes of Lore

Christine's magical life has gained her many friends and a budding romance with her dragon shifter, Tristan. One of those friends, the good Maddock, has come asking for a favor. Trouble brews in the city, and Tristan's intimate knowledge would help solve a puzzling rash of attacks. The catch is that those asking for his help don't really want it, and the mystery behind the attacks is deeper and darker than any of them realize.


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  • Loving Scotland – Chapter 14 - The next day I awoke with a hangover to end all hangovers. I groaned and rolled over in bed. "What hit me?" I muttered. "That would be the final glass of Mr. Ferguson's Irish whiskey," Fin's voice called up from the ground floor. I groaned and flung the sheets over my head. "Remind me never to do that again." "Would you care for a pick-me-up or something else?" he asked… Read More
  • Romantic Bumpy Ride - Hello, dear Readers! First off, an apology for the delay in publishing Tome of Fable, the fourth and final book in the Dragon Dusk series. Life has been hectic for many of us, myself included, but it's out now! I'm not sure when my next book will be out, but I'm working on a new series along with looking to finish others I've started, so stay tuned for updates! And… Read More
  • Loving Scotland – Chapter 13 - We reached the edge of the light created by the torches and the doors flew open. Out came the parents and in front of them rushed Ophelia. She flew down the gravel towards us with arms stretched wide open. "Fin!" she cried out. She embraced him in a tight hug he was unable to return because his arms were pinned to his sides. "Good evening to you, too, Miss Ophelia,"… Read More