Binding Oath

Jane’s adventures have gained her many loyal allies and unique abilities, and both will be put to the test as she finds herself at the center of an eight hundred year old mystery.


New Release

Celestial Scion

After many adventures Jane and her companions just want a relaxing vacation at one of the long beeches in the east. Unfortunately, fate has other plans in store for them as they meet an unusual boy on their way to the quaint village.


Recent eBook

Charmed Idol

For Jane, the cold winter of exile creeps up on her and her friends in their new abodes in Mechta. However, fate intervenes in the form of an offer of clemency from an old friend of Caius. The catch is they must earn their pardon by protecting the canta, a young woman of exceptional ability who must sing before the faithful of Gad at the Edict.


Latest News

  • Dawn of A New Series - As promised in the Choose My Next Series event, I have put the first book in the Dragon Dusk series, Dawn of Legend, up for pre-order! Many of you received the unedited copy for the voting, and this version has not only been edited, but it has a snazzy new cover! I've posted the ebook for free where such pre-orders are allowed, but some of the retailers don't allow the… Read More
  • Scions and Spirits, Oh My! - My latest ebook, Celestial Scion, is available for purchase at the usual hangouts! Feel free to give it a look, and you can check out the first chapter of the next book in the Fated Touch series, Binding Oath, at its page on my site! Latest eBook Check out the book's summary at its page on my website. Amazon Purchase Barnes & Noble Purchase Apple Books Purchase Google Play Purchase… Read More
  • The Winner of the Choose My Next Series Poll! - Hello, my wonderful readers! I opened a poll to all my newsletter subscribers asking for help in choosing my next series, and your voices have been heard! I'll cut to the chase and tell you that I've tallied up the votes and the winner is. . .drum roll, please!. . .the Dragon Dusk series, with its first book, Dawn of Legend! The votes were closer than I expected, and for… Read More