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Tome of Fable

Questions linger in Christine's mind, questions that involve the dragon shifter whom she's come to love. Tristan's fate is shrouded in shadows, and she begins to suspect that her own future is tied to his.


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Runes of Lore

Christine's magical life has gained her many friends and a budding romance with her dragon shifter, Tristan. One of those friends, the good Maddock, has come asking for a favor. Trouble brews in the city, and Tristan's intimate knowledge would help solve a puzzling rash of attacks. The catch is that those asking for his help don't really want it, and the mystery behind the attacks is deeper and darker than any of them realize.


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Dark Vessel

Fate and the Man In Black have led Jane to the Island of Shadows, a mysterious place shunned by the locals and surrounded by rumors of dark spells and ancient phantoms.


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  • Romantic Runes and Tomes Galore! - Today is another exciting Tuesday, dear readers, as I have two tasty treats for you to devour (or at least savor over). The first is my latest ebook, Runes of Lore, the third book in the Dragon Dusk series! There's also it's little buddy in pre-order, Tome of Fable, the fourth and last book in the series! And don't forget that every weekend a new chapter comes out on my… Read More