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Lilly and her hairy friends are in for an equally hairy adventure when they're invited to a Midnight Party. Their hosts present to them a most unique cuisine, and when Lilly and the others try to find the source of the main dish their search leads them to a horrible truth.


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Destined For the Shadow Dragon

The last adventure and one last memory for Elly, as she and her friends find themselves in the thick of shaky alliances, an impossibly powerful troll, and the fate of the entire city.


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Loving Scotland

The untamed Inner Hebrides of Scotland are home to flora, fauna, and a little romantic fun in this romp over the Gaelic islands.


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  • Double-Feature for Halloween! October 26, 2021 - Hello, dearest Readers, and welcome to a special edition of my monthly post! I have published two books this month, one of which is frankly a surprise for me. First, I've published the fourth and final book in my current series, Shadow Dragon, Destined for the Dragon, which is now available at all retailers. Second, and most surprising, is that I've finished the second book in the Loving Places series,… Read More
  • Loving Scotland – Chapters 19 – 25 October 11, 2021 - Yes, you read the title of the post correctly. Finally, after so long, I've finished Loving Scotland! Enjoy the rest of the story (and it's even edited)! For anyone who wants the full ebook in its entirety the book will be on sale tomorrow at all my usual retailers! Chapter 19 Fin dug into his pocket and drew out a coin. “Shall we flip for it?” “I don’t trust the… Read More
  • Revelations and Romance September 7, 2021 - Hello, dearest Readers, and welcome to another of my monthly updates! I've published the third book in my latest series, Shadow Dragon, Bound to the Dragon, which is now available at all retailers. I want to give a big thanks to my readers! You guys are the best I could ever wish for! Latest eBook Check out the book's summary at its page on my website. Amazon Purchase B&N Purchase… Read More