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The Haunting of Shaft 3

Allie is in on her first full adventure with Drifter, and her romantic interest believes in the jump-in-with-both-feet learning method. They find themselves on course for a red planet, but there's white spooks afoot that greet them on their arrival.


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The Companion of Time

Allie is a normal woman with a normal life, but one day she decides to take fate into her hands and have a little adventure. That choice leads her down a blue-colored rabbit hole and into a new world, and also into the arms of a handsome and mysterious stranger.


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Lilly's final adventure as her friends and she face off against a foe with an advantage: they know about Paul's dual life. That puts the group on the wrong foot and two steps behind as they try to piece together the puzzle of their enemy's hidden identity.


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  • Timeless Romance Among the Stars January 11, 2022 - Hello, my readers, and welcome to a new monthly update in a new year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and to welcome the new year I've published a free book for all of you! The book is The Companion of Time, the first book in the A Timeless Affair series. You can download it for free at all the usual retailers except for Amazon (they still don't… Read More
  • The Moon Sets December 28, 2021 - Hello, everyone, and welcome to another of my monthly updates! As promised (I know, it's a late Christmas miracle on that point), I’ve finally published the fifth and final book in my werewolf series, The Moon and the Stars. Moonstruck is now available at all my usual retailer hangouts! I'm already working on a brand new series called A Timeless Affair. I plan on putting everything in it, from fantasy… Read More