Charmed Idol

For Jane, the cold winter of exile creeps up on her and her friends in their new abodes in Mechta. However, fate intervenes in the form of an offer of clemency from an old friend of Caius. The catch is they must earn their pardon by protecting the canta, a young woman of exceptional ability who must sing before the faithful of Gad at the Edict.


New Release

Bone Baron

Jane and her friends are both heroes and outlaws. Their notoriety forces them to hide in the wilds of the north in the land where Caius grew up. The serenity of the wide steppes somehow compliments the brash nature of Jane’s dragon shifter.


Recent eBook

All Monster's Eve

A short novella featuring the lesser adventures of Jane and her companions.

Jane and company take a well-deserved break from adventuring when Reaper’s Night comes to the Shifting World. A celebration akin to Halloween, they join the revelers in donning harvest costumes to celebrate the end of the growing season.


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